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Bin or Keep

Bin or Keep

Which choice to do Bin or Keep?

The Rubbish bin / Trash Can is a most underestimated tool in business and life.

Yet in a highly disposable life we tend to throw away things we can often easily, and more cost effectively get repaired in our personal life.

Yet in business we often tend to keep things, usually information, that we never read or read and never refer to again.  We have become information hoarders.

So here is an easy way to assess what we really need to keep.

Ask yourself these vital 4 questions:
Is it essential for the achievement of your Quarterly Priorities, Yearly Goal or 3 to 5 year Target?
If yes or maybe go to the next question.  If no then bin it immediately.

Will it be required in the next 12 months?
If yes or maybe go to the next question.  If no then bin it immediately.

3. What potential does this information have to move you toward you Quarterly Priority or 1 year business goal - high, some or only a little.
If it is some or only a little then bin it immediately.

How likely are you to read / re-read and action anything from this information in the next 9 months - definitely, most likely or possibly.
If it is possibly then bin it immediately.

This is also an excellent way of assessing if it is worth or there will be an Return On Investment by buying certain business courses or participating in any particular programs.




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Monday, 14 June 2021
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