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Isotope Building, 88, USA
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This is where you get the opportunity to pick Tara's brain on your biggest business challenge, one on one. 

You will have her undivided attention for 60 minutes.

You may then have the opportunity to continue working with Tara around implementing the solutions for that challenge or another aspect of your business.


You will be asked some preliminary questions before your appointment is confirmed.  I don't want you to waste your time talking to me if I am not the best person to be talking to right now and I don't want to waste your time if I don't have the answers you need right now.  To get some indication of this extra questions are asked before your booking is confirmed.

Step 1 = select a green or yellow date

Step 2 = select your desired time for that tiime, green times are available

Step 3 = select the green BOOK NOW button on the right

Step 4 = enter all the relevant details for your appointment

Step 5 = select your method of payment - Paypal or Bank Transfer

Step 6 = select the Blue Confirm Payment button.  If you selected PayPal, select the PayPal button at the top of the page on the next screen.

AU$ 125.00 60 min.
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